Dr. Nahida Nayaz Ahmed


Dr. Nahida Nayaz Ahmed is an Emarati Consultant Psychiatrist, who serves as Chair or Behavioral Health Council at SEHA- Abu Dhabi, and Chair of mental health task force at Department of Health, Abu Dhabi UAE.

Dr. Ahmed graduated from psychiatry residency from St Elizabeth, a Tuft’s university hospital in Psychiatry residency and Consultation Liaison fellowship from Cambridge Health Alliance, a Harvard University hospital. Her primary focuses are the integration of Psychiatry in Primary care clinics across Abu Dhabi, and promoting awareness and rehabilitation programs for Mentally ill patients in the community. She has been on the front line for changes in Mental health across the country. Her efforts are rallied towards evolving UAE’s mental health care into a modernized and futuristic service. She has been an advocate for employee’s mental health, especially through COVID by establishing Psychological resources for SEHA employees and has contributed to various other mental health initiatives across the country. She is an Adjunct Associate Professor of Psychiatry at UAEU.

Dr. Ahmed has been active in teaching psychiatry and family medicine residents and mentors young physicians. She is an avid reader, travel enthusiast, mother to three amazing children, and spouse to a distinguished Transplant Nephrologist.