Dr. Siddiq Anwar


Dr. Siddiq Anwar is from India and did his post graduate professional training in the West. He trained in some of the
leading academic centers in the world, including in Manchester Royal Infirmary, Guys Hospital and St Georges
hospital in London, Washington University at St Louis and Hospital do Rim Sao Paolo. He was a Consultant
Nephrologist in Freeman Hospital Newcastle and King Faisal Hospital Riyadh before was brought to modernize
the Renal Services and grow the kidney transplant program in SEHA, Abu Dhabi. He has leadership positions in
International Society of Nephrology (ISN) including in the ISN Middle East Regional Board and working on
capacity building in the global south to improve access to high quality renal care.

He is keen on using data driven decision making in healthcare and process optimization to improve overall health
care outcomes. One of his research interests is to reduce the cost of En