Dr. Tareq Qassem MSc MD CCT FRCPsych


Dr. Tareq Qassem is Lead for the Mental Health of Older Age Clinical Academic Group at the Al Amal Psychiatric Hospital in Dubai. Dr Tareq graduated in Ain Shams University in Egypt where he worked as a Lecturer in Psychiatry after earning his Medical Doctorate. He then pursued further training in Old Age Psychiatry in the UK before attaining a Consultant role. His responsibilities as a Consultant in Old Age Psychiatry have included leading the neurocognitive clinic which assessed and managed patients experiencing cognitive symptoms. Dr Tareq was the chairperson for the Research and Innovation Committee in one of West Midlands National Health Service Trusts (serving a population of 1.1 million) and held Honorary Fellow and Senior Lecturer positions in the University of Warwick as well as Aston University. He is currently an Associate Professor of Psychiatry at Ain Shams University in Cairo and adjunct Clinical Associate Professor at Mohammed Bin Rashid University of Medicine and Dubai Medical College.